Moonlight swap (1:1)

Hello everyone,

We have a very exciting announcement!

We are performing a token swap (1:1) for all Moonlight holders starting right now.

What is a token swap?

A token swap (1:1) is a process where one cryptocurrency is exchanged for another on a ratio of one-to-one. The old asset is discarded and the new asset is awarded to token holders as a fully fungible replacement that shares the same market value.

Moonlight holders will receive the same amount of token. Price and marketcap will be identical: your money is SAFE!

Why doing a swap?

We launched Moonlight v1 only ten days ago. Even in our wildest dreams, we did not expect to get that much traction and support. Poocoin Promoted Alert (PPA) is live and running, and many Moonlighters are already thriving! If we managed to get Poocoin attention in a week, can you imagine what we can do in a month, or more?

However, our tokenomics were fragile. Moonlight v1 became a target for tradings bots due to the absence of transaction fee, slowing down our growth significantly. Having low liquidity was also a weakness in the long term and increased price volatility.

What’s the plan?

We’ll be launching a new Moonlight token with cutting edge tokenomics.

  • 2% transaction fee redistributed to all existing holders
  • 5% transaction fee going into the LP (auto-generated LP)

That makes a total of 7% fee on every transaction. This will improve security by making bot trading on Moonlight impossible and prevent important price movements by increasing the liquidity over time.

In the process, the LP will be moved to Pancakeswap V2.

When Lambo?

The token swap is happening at May 3rd. You will receive your new tokens automatically within 24 hours. You have nothing to do.

To make sure that every Moonlighter receive the same amount of tokens, we made a snapshot of every holder at May 3rd, 6PM CET (UTC+2). Every transaction that happens after the snapshot is not eligible for the swap.

Once the swap is completed, Moonlight will have the proper foundations to begin its exponential expansion.

Thank you all so much for your confidence,

Nick, cofounder.

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